The First Night

It had been ten years. Ten years since the first night. And, till now, each night had not been the same. As she waited on the couch, dressed in the lehenga-choli (bridal dress) she had worn ten years back, her eyes surveyed once again all over her body. They stopped for a brief moment over […]

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On my face

She woke up to the moving beam of sunlight that played over her face coming from in between the curtains. She looked around to find his side of the bed crumpled and yet warm. She moved over to that side to feel the heat, and that familiar musk. She could hear the water flowing in […]

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That Last Kiss

She was wondering where he was driving to. She didn’t wish to over think about it. All she could do about was just sit and watch him endlessly. She loved appreciating every bit of him. His eyes, those lips, those dimples that would appear beneath that layer of beard he had. She would just wish […]

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The Back Benchers

Anita’s eyes stared lustily right deep into her boyfriend’s eyes. Both of them were always found to be occupying the last benches in their class. By now, everyone knew the reason why, yet that didn’t stop them from being the hot mess they were always.

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